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What we will Buy or Consign:

* We are currently accepting Spring/ Summer Clothing  Newborn - 6X
* Maternity clothing all seasons                                * Swim Wear                                       *Shoes & Sandals                                           *Children's Books                                                                   *Bouncer Seats                                 *Swings                                                                * Booster Seats (that go to a table)                           *High Chairs                                      *Pack & Plays                                                  * Gently used toys (no missing parts or broken toys)                                                      * Strollers                                                           * Exersaucers or Jumpers                                               * Children's DVD's                         *Board Games
* Children's Furniture                                                       * Rocking Chairs                             * Changing Tables
* Cribs (must be manufactured after 1/1/2011) 

What we will NOT Buy or Consign:

* Carseats                                                                              * Undergarments                                                   *Stuffed Animals
* Breast Pumps                                                                 * Blankets                                                                    * Socks (other than infant)  
* Bottles or sippy cups                                               * Bibs                                                                                 *Hairbows
*Pacifiers                                                                               *Out dated clothing                                        *software or computer games
* any item or toy that has been recalled by the manufacturer or is broken or has missing pieces. 

If you have any questions about an item you are wanting to bring in please call us and we will be happy to assist you. 
Sprites 'N' Sprouts, LLC