Sprites 'n' Sprouts Sell It
Have your children out grown more of the clothes in their closet than they have stuff that fits? 
Still have stuff left over from your garage sale?
Has your child "forgotten" about several of their toys?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then give us a call or stop in to make an appointment.
1. From April thru July, we will only be accepting items on Monday's from 9:00a to 2:00p or by special arrangement.  You are allowed 1 tote or container  no larger than 18-22 gallon in size along with 2 larger items that do not fit in a box or tote (i.e Swing, pack n play, etc). If you only have gear or large items to sell, please call us and we will set up a time for you to bring those items in when we can go through them on the same day.

2.  If you have an item(s) that has a resale value of $25.00 or more, you now have the option of consignment. You will be able to set your own price (within guidelines) for those items, and the payout will be 40% to Sprites N Sprouts and 60% to the consignor. Each item will be given 30 days to sell at full asking price and then an additional 30 days with a 15% reduction. 

3. All clothing MUST be freshly laundered and toys should be CLEAN and come with ALL pieces. **Please do not pin, tape or otherwise attach clothing items together, this damages the clothing and we will not consider these items. If your items require any "help" to sell (i.e. washing, ironing, lint shaving, etc) then we will take 30% off of your offered total. If your items need excessive cleaning then you will be called and asked to pick them back up. You will be given until the end of the next business day to come back in and collect your containers, if you have not picked them up by then, we will consider them a donation to the store and will proceed accordingly.

4. If there are bugs of an infectious nature (i.e. bed bugs, cockroaches, etc) in your container or toys, regardless of weather, your items will be placed outside and you will be called immediately. You will be given 1 hour to come back in and get your items, after 1 hour we will take your items to the dumpster.

5. When you bring your items in, you will be asked to fill out an agreement slip, stating that you agree to the terms we have listed and we will give you our best estimate on when we will have your items sorted.

6. Once we have an offer ready we will call you. You will have 3 days, after we call, to come back into the store and go over the offer we are making. If you have not come in or made arrangements with our staff, we will consider this to be acceptance of our offer and you will be given store credit for the items that we want, the rest will be donated to a local charity. We will keep your container until the end of that current week, if you have not picked it up by that time it will become property of Sprites N Sprouts.

7. You will be given a lump sum total on the items that we want to buy, this is non-negotiable, however you are not penalized for refusing our offer. Due to the recent influx of items, Sprites 'N' Sprouts, LLC will now make payments  in store credit only, with the exception of gear, furniture and larger toys/items. Special arrangement may be made if you no longer have children within the sizes of clothing we carry.

8. Sprites 'N' Sprouts reserves the right to put a hold on taking new items at anytime we feel that we have enough in stock. We also reserve the right to change these rules at any time without prior notification.

Rules for bringing items in to sell:
What we will Buy
* We are currently accepting all Seasons of Clothing                * Swim Wear                                         *Costumes
* Booster Seats (that go to a table)                                                        * Gently used toys (no missing parts or broken toys)                                                             * Shoes & Sandals                                                                                          * Baby Swings                                       *High Chairs
* Bouncy Seats                                                                                              * Exersaucers or Jumpers                * Pack & Plays
* Strollers                                                                                                           * Children's Books                               * Children's DVD's
* Children's Furniture                                                                                * Rocking Chairs                                  * Changing Tables
* Cribs (must be manufactured after 1/1/2011) 

What we will NOT Buy or Consign
* Carseats                           * Undergarments        *Stuffed Animals
* Breast Pumps                    * Blankets                  * Socks (other than infant)  
* Bottles or sippy cups             * Bibs                          *Hairbows
* any item or toy that has been recalled by the manufacturer or is broken or has missing pieces. 

If you have any questions about an item you are wanting to bring in please call us and we will be happy to assist you.