Sprites 'n' Sprouts Sell It
Has your child out-grown their wardrobe? 
Need to down-size but don't want to have a yard sale?
Have your child's toys overtaken the house?

We can help! 

Now, you can consign items at our store!
1. Clothing items brought in for consignment must be for current season. You are allowed to bring in 75 items per day during a consignment period. Outfits and pajama sets count as 1 item. All clothing must have legible brand and size marking, and must be free from stains, smells, tears, or other defects.

2. All gear or non-clothing items must meet the following criteria:
        - Item has not been recalled
        - Item is clean and in saleable condition  **If items require cleaning, a fee of no less than $10.00 will be charged**
          - Multiple toys being sold together (ex: Matchbox cars, play food, etc) or pieces that accompany a                          larger  toy (ex: dollhouse with dolls, sorter with shapes, etc) must be in a clear bag or container. Staff            needs to inspect all pieces; please do not permanently seal bags.
        - Item has all necessary pieces, straps, etc and is assembled/ready to use
        - Item has working batteries/power cord included  
                            *If items requires batteries and they are not included, a $2.00 fee per item will be charged**

3. You will be given 60% of sales if: Prior to bringing items in for consignment, all clothing items must be layered flat in a box or a tote and must be listed with the size, brand, description and the price you want to ask for each item. List should be in order of clothing stack with top of list matching top item in box. Toys and gear should be last items on your list. Items must be priced for at least $1.00 and in increments of $.25. 
**List example: 3T Gap Kids Red Tank Top $3.25 or Bright Starts Pink Playmat $10.00

4. You will be given 40% of sales if: You choose to bring items in and require S'N'S to price your items. Clothing items must be layered flat in a box or tote, and must come ready to sell. All gear or toys must be clean and have working batteries.

5. Clothing items will be sold at full asking price for 1 calendar month. On the 1st of the second month clothing items will be "on sale" for 25% off; on the 1st of the third month items will be "on sale" for 50% off. Gear and toys will be full asking price for 1 calendar month and then reduced to 20% off for the second month. Any items that have not sold within their respective time frames, will be returned to consignor. If you have questions on pricing please call us and we will give you some tips.   Example of pricing:  
       **Full price: 3.50 (Jan. 1st-Jan.31st)   25% off: $2.62 (Feb 1st-Feb. 28th)   50% off:  $1.75 (Mar. 1st -Mar. 31st)

6. Please allow 15-30 minutes at time of drop off. At the time you bring your items in, an employee will go through your items to make sure they meet our criteria, any items that do not pass will be given back before you leave the store. 

7. Any items not sold after 3 calendar months, must be claimed with 7 calendar days following the 1st Tuesday of the 4th month. Sprites 'N' Sprouts will attempt to contact you once. Any items not claimed will become property of Sprites 'N' Sprouts. Checks can be mailed for a fee of $1.00.

8. Payments to consignor will be available on the first Tuesday following the end of the 3rd month during normal business hours.

9. Sprites 'N' Sprouts will not be held responsible for any damage, theft, or mishap that may occur while items are in the store. 
Rules for Consignment:
We are not accepting consignments at this time